Vacuum Mattress Stretcher

Vacuum Mattress Stretcher

Open Size:210×105×6cm
Folding size:90×57×26cm
Packing Size:88.5×28×48cm
Load Bearing:≤159kg


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l  This product is also known as a vacuum stretcher, a negative load stretcher, a fixed body bag, a trunk stretcher, etc.

l  It adopts the vacuum forming principle to extract air from the air cushion and form a rigid fixed molding body. The product is light and simple, and is especially conducive to the transportation of group of injured people.

l  The air bag to fix the body is made of high wear-resistant TPU materials, which can effectively reduce the loss of weight and heat of the patients. Its lining is high polymer foam particles and it is equipped with a special pump.

l  After wrapping the fixed air bag in the part of injured body, use a special pump to remove air from the body fixed air bag to make the body and the air bag fit together closely to protect the injured part and avoid second injury.

l  The body fixed air bag can transport by bus ,sea or plane at the same time.

l  It has the characteristics of small volume, light quality, easy to carry, strong protection and durable.

l  It can carry on the X - ray imaging and magnetic resonance imaging.

l  It is easy and fast in use and non professional person can also operate.

l  Packing size88.5*28*48CM   G.W.7.8KG

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