Tourniquet YJK-BD-05

Tourniquet YJK-BD-05

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This product is used to stop the limbs of arterial or venous bleeding, you can single hand operation, easy to save! Although it is used for the design of casualties, but in all kinds of disasters (earthquake, explosion, etc.) or emergency, even travel and other all sorts of unexpected emergencies. Don't underestimate the minutes of this emergency! The arterial ah! Maybe a few minutes to save a life! Is a spare for!

Size: 95CM*4CM

Method of use: a red head through the word button (the structure of the nylon belt), and then set of / foot wound proximal and tighten the magic gluing and rotating the handle until very fastening and achieve hemostasis effect card into the buckle and affixed to put off the magic button, to write on the current time, in order to rescue personnel timing tourniquet release prevent tissue necrosis. Remember that every 2 minutes, 1 minutes 30-60 release!

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