Roll splint YJK-JB-1

Roll splint YJK-JB-1

Open Size:90×11cm
Packing Size(100PCS):58×41×35cm
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l  This product is also known as a roll splint, a polymer splint, a plastic splint, and so on.

l  This product is nontoxic and tasteless and can be directly exposed to the skin, with moderate flexibility, good elasticity and convenient and comfortable use. A variety of specifications can be applied to many parts of the body. It is a necessary product in the first aid package.

l  The product has lighter weight, good X light perspective and strong plasticity. It can be shaped, fixed and reused according to different needs. It is easy to wash, clean and sanitary, and it is not restricted by any environment or conditions.

l  Plastic orthopedic split and orthopedic curly splint are composite that be made of metal(aluminum plate) and high polymer material(orange crosslinked ester membrane nontoxic material) which be widely used overseas in the union of upper limbs and lower limbs fracture and the fixation of forehead,finger and shoulder’s dislocation,Especially suitable for the use of outdoors first aid.

l  It can be bent into various shapes at will. It has X permeability, waterproof, repeated use after clean, small volume, light weight, easy to carry, easy operation and good appendage.

l  It can be cut into the required shape according to the need of the diseased parts by the common scissors in use,so as to achieve rapid and stable fixation.

l  Packing size:58*41*35CM/100pcs   G.W.18KG/100pcs

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