Lifesaving floatYJK-Q-3

Lifesaving floatYJK-Q-3

Type: YJK-Y-3
Color: Yellow
Size: 126*14.5*10cm
Buoyancy: ≥14Kg


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New lifesaving float is to use a non-toxic tasteless EVA die molding, high temperature conjunctival surface adopts domestic advanced technology, exquisite feel soft, no harm to the skin, instead of the old paint and PU surface treatment products, this product buoyancy is greater than 14 kg, can float in the water two adults; One end is equipped with copper. One end of the ribbon through the buoyancy foaming in the body to the other side and respectively in the two side connect two stainless steel ring and soft grade car not scratch the skin black swimming safety straps.

Ontology hydrostatic body buoyancy about 200 kg. Color has red, yellow color is optional

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