Finger splintYJK-JB-2

Finger splintYJK-JB-2

Packing Size:9.5×3×2cm
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l  This product is also known as finger splints, polymer splints, finger rectangular splints, flexural finger splints, etc.

l  The curving finger cot is a compound of high polymer material which be used widely overseas in the fixation of fingersEspecially suitable for the use of outdoors first aid.

l  The structure of the product is made up of aluminum fixed plate and sponge lining. The aluminum plate is plastic, and the sponge lining can provide the patient with the comfort, the sticky band is fixed, the looseness can be adjusted.

l  It maintains the contraposition line after the fracture reset to prevent the activity that is not conducive to the healing of the fracture.

l  The end of bandage has a velcro to adjust the tightness,it's fast and convenient.

l  The splint has a breathable hole, with a hole aluminum sheet to give the patient immobilization and ventilate effect.

l  Packing size:9.5*3*2CM  G.W.:0.02KG

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