Vacuum Mattress Splint YJK-E-7-3

Vacuum Mattress Splint YJK-E-7-3

Folding size:55×35×34cm
Packing Size:53×35×34.5cm
Load Bearing:≤159kg
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l  This product is also known as vacuum splint, negative pressure splint, fixed body gasbag, negative pressure fracture air bag, etc.

l  It adopts the vacuum forming principle to extract air from the air cushion and allegro form rigid model. This product is divided into body, trunk and cervical fixation, it can provide patients in different parts which get catalepsy or bone fracture . It can effectively prevent second loss that due to the mishandling in the field or transportation.

l  This product is especially suitable for accident or group bone fracture. It is the necessary first-aid equipment for medical emergency institutions, emergency agencies, army, earthquake rescue, fire fighting, disaster relief, mining and mining enterprises, maritime rescue, sports teams, transportation and construction industries.

l  The whole product includes the upper limb splint, the lower limb splint, the trunk splint, the special air pump, and the portable bag.

l  Negative pressure somatic splints provide fixed support for patients with fractured bone injuries in different parts of body and different shape of body.

l  It is easy to operate, fast, protective and penetrable. Washable, can be used for years.

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