Spine Board YJK-F8

Spine Board YJK-F8

Open Size191×47×3cm
Packing Size13×47×52cm
Fold Size55.5×55.5×15.5cm


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l  This product is also known as the spine board, the folding spine plate, the lifting board, the plate-type stretcher, the plastic stretcher, the fixed lift board, etc.

l  This product is made of aluminum tube and high density plastic polyethylene blow molding. It is durable and sturdy,not easy to aging.

l  This product is suitable for all kinds of bad environment rescue, strong anti-collisionwater proofing and easy to clean.

l  X light, MRI, and CT can penetrate well and facilitate the inspection of the wounded, so as to minimize the pain caused to the patient during the handling process.

l  A uniform handle on the periphery can be raised and carried by many people at the same time.Hard structure to proceed CPR and heart press rescue in the process of transshipment.

l  Spinal fixation set includes a neck support, head fixation and spinal fixation plate, the product is generally equipped with three ties.

l  Packing size:55.5*55.5*15.5CM  G.W.:9KG

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