Rescue Vest YJK-I-8

Rescue Vest YJK-I-8

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l  The products are also known as life jackets, water life jackets, marine life jackets, etc.

l  It adopts imported foam technology and it is made of high density rubber, using high quality materials to achieve the softness of the product and no harm to the skin.

l  With the use of imported paint, the product itself has no irritating smell.

l  No water absorption, which does not affect normal water activities, high quality and stable floating materials are more likely to float on the water surface, and can be used quickly and easily in case of emergency.

l  Strong compression ability, surface material resistant to scratch,and it is glossy.When it comes to danger, it is easy to observe

l  Not affected by the temperature difference to avoid the case of chap on the surface.

l  Adjustable shoulder straps are suitable for adults and children.

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