Plastic scoop stretcher YJK-D-4

Plastic scoop stretcher YJK-D-4

Open Size:162×45×7cm
Folding size:120×45×7cm
Packing Size:165×47.5×8.5cm
Load Bearing:≤159kg


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l  This product is also known as a separate stretcher, scoop stretcher, PE plastic stretcher, plastic stretcher.

l  It is made of high strength engineering plasticheat and mass materials will not make the patient feel too hot or too cold,the surface is easy to clean,it can prevent the ingress of liquids X - ray and nuclear magnetic resonance can penetrate.

l  Collapsible design,it’s portable and easy to stack,it can reduce the space occupied greatly to be beneficial to apply on a large scale.

l  Detachable design,it adopts separated rigid structure to transfer fractured and serious patients.There is a clutch at both ends,which can set the stretcher into two parts and it’s easy to lock and unlock.Providing better protection for the wounded.In the case of not moving the patient,quickly shoveled the patient into the stretcher or extract it under the body of the patient.

l  Telescopic design, the length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the length of the person,a total of 3 stalls,so it can be suitable for any type and height.

l  The product is equipped with safety belts to ensure the safety of patients.

l  The scoop stretcher can be used with the head immobilizer

l  Packing size:165*47.5*8.5CM  G.W.:10.89kg

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