Neil-Robertro YJK-N-7

Neil-Robertro YJK-N-7

Horizontal safety:120kg
Vereical safety:120kg
Packing Size:153×17×9cm
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l  This product is also known as the Robertson stretcher, the marine stretcher, the canvas stretcher, etc.

l  Applicable to all kinds of ships, field operations, mines and construction industries.

l  It’s up to the mustard of Robertson stretcher’s characteristic that be written in the normalization chief source “International Vessel Medicine Guide”which compiled by WHO(WTO).

l  The lining frame is hard wood, the fabric is canvas, and the surface non-skid property is good.A plurality of safety straps, ensure the bearing of transverse vertical place to have more security.

l  Effective protection of the injured spine. Easy to fold and accept

l  Packing size:153*17*9CM  G.W.:7.25KG

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