Life buoyYJK-Q-1

Life buoyYJK-Q-1

Type: YJK-Q-1
Color: Coloured
Size: S / L / M


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The life ring is made of high quality super light quality EVA foam, soft, not friction damage swimmers, does not fear the sharp thorns, buoyancy, avoid, not easy to damage, inflatable, this product currently one of the most recommended safety equipment for swimming enthusiasts.Execution standard: the product according to IMO a. 689 (17) for production, its quality conforms to the international convention on safety of life at sea, 1974 (1983 amendment, and MSC. 81 (70), the request of "survival equipment test.


Type Color Size Outer diameter Inside diameter Highly Weight
YJK-Q-1 coloured S 45cm 24.5cm 6.8cm 0.2Kg
M 51cm 29cm 6.8cm 0.25Kg
L 58cm 35cm 6.8cm 0.3Kg

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