Extrication decice YJK-H-7

Extrication decice YJK-H-7

Open Size:252×87×0.5cm
Packing Size (5PCS):84.5×42×28cm


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l  This product is also known as: Green stretcher, rescue kittorso splint, lifesaving splint, chest and back splint, fixed splint, chest fixer.

l  The torso splint is very suitable for the fixation of cervical vertebrae and vertebrae in the rescue of traffic accidents.

l  The trunk stretcher is equipped with rigid plate for spinal fixation, which is covered with strong and durable nylon material. It can not only effectively stabilize the spine, but also make the patient feel comfortable.

l  The overlaid nylon material is very easy to clean and maintain.

l  The trunk splint is equipped with the lock type bandage which can be unraveled quickly and marked by color,It can be used easily and quickly in a light dim, narrow, difficult environment.

l  The patient's sitting position can be fixed with the cervical collar before transporting the patient to a full size spine fixed plate.

l  The trunk stretcher is equipped with 2 reused forehead and mandibular fixing belt, cervical collar plate and carrying package trunk splint, which is very suitable for cervical and spinal fixation in traffic accident rescue.

l  Packing size:84.5*42*28CM/5pcs   G.W.16.47KG/5pcs

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