Emergency bed YJK-L-2

Emergency bed YJK-L-2

Open Size:190×55×88cm
Folding size:190×55×54cm
Packing Size:195×62×35.5cm
Load Bearing:≤159kg
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l  This product is also known as a stretcher cartrescue cart and so on.

l  The body part of the car is mainly aluminum alloy structure,it has good flexibility and is easy to sterilize,Our production is suitable for patients in medical unit, emergency center and gymfor the reason that it can not only reduce physical output, but also  suitable for patients transfer from theatre to inpatient ward.

l  The surface of cart and bed body adopt separate structure,which can be used to transport the patients directly with a stretcher.

l  Both sides of the guardrail can be lowered or lifted.

l  Equipped with safety belts to ensure the safety of patients.

l  This product can be fitted with a transfusion frame.

l  Packing Size:195*62*35.5CM ,G.W.:40KG

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