Cervical Collar YJK-17

Cervical Collar YJK-17

Open Size:57×18×1cm
Packing Size(50PCS):60×41×31cm


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l  Products for neck care, multi-functional neck care, neck retainer, neck fixing device.

l  The soft foam material makes it fit with the neck and is comfortable.

l  The internal material is soft and it is made of 100% pure cotton elastic fabric and nylon sticky buckle. The injured person has a feeling of comfort in the process of wearing.It can avoid scratching again.

l  The sponge device can be adjusted at low, middle and high positions, is suitable for different populations, and has obvious markings on products. It is easy to adjust according to actual conditions when used.

l  Sponge neck brace is suitable for the person who hurts his neck and need upright support.And it’s also suitable for neck-hurt-patients during first-aid.It can reduce pain, loosening all muscles of neck,and relief the neck sprain.

l  It can cooperate with the opening of the airway to facilitate the monitoring of the carotid artery and the intubatton of the trachea,the design of open hole in the rear is convenient for palpation and air permeability,a unique fixed lock ensures the stability and symmetry of the neck plug.

l  The whole material has no metal components. It is suitable for the patients to do X - ray, CT scan and MRI scan, and it is not necessary to take off the brace at the time of inspection.

l  It can form spinal fixation system with spine board together.

l  Packing size:60*41*31CM/50PCS  G.W.:8KG/50PCS

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