Multifunctional Rescue Stretcher YJK-F5

Multifunctional Rescue Stretcher YJK-F5

Open Size:252×87×0.5cm
Temperatur Resistance:-20-45℃
Packing Size:91.5×36×36.5cm


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l  The stretcher is also known as multi-purpose rescue stretcher, roll stretcher, multifunction stretcher, snow stretcher and so on.

l  It is made of special compound plastic,it can be used in bending and deformation.It has small volume,in light weight and a wide range of applications.It’s easy to carry.

l  It can be used for the salvation of extinguishing and protection, deep well and narrow space, ground, high altitude,chemical accident scene,etc. It can be lifted horizontally or vertically.

l  The side of stretcher is provided with a plurality of the string, to facilitate the implementation of the air rescue.Firm nylon bandage can effectively fix the wounded, buckle has adjustable size.There is plastic rubber ring on nylon belt handle,so it is comfortable for your hands.

l  Open the stretcher face and attach the safety belt at the same time,so you can use it.The narrow and long part is the front part, the width and short part is the rear part.

l  Packing Size:91.5*36*36.5cm  G.W.:12.3kg

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