Inflatable splint YJK-E-7-5

Inflatable splint YJK-E-7-5

Folding size:18.5×12.5×6cm
Packing Size:27×30×9cm
Load Bearing:≤159kg
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l  This product is also known as inflatable splint, inflatable fixed air bag, fractured inflatable splint, etc.

l  This product is made up of double transparent plastic and the body contour is visible. It is faster, simpler and more comfortable than the traditional bandage. It can prevent the second injury of soft tissue, anti shock, relieve pain.Exerting uniform pressure on the injured limb, playing a fixed role, protecting the injured limb and easy for transshipment.It can be washed, used repeatedly, and can be sterilized with gas or is radiolucent. Indications: sprain, fracture, dislocation and stab wounds and burns.

l  Six parts: wrist, upper limbs, upper half limbs, lower limbs, lower half limbs, foot / ankle

l  This product is inflated and air inflation according to the different shape and put the fixed part into the splint and pull the zipper and fix it and then use a special pump to air the splints. It is also possible to blow up (not recommended) with the mouth to the hose and blow the gas to the required pressure and then close the valve cover. After the use, please pull out the gas holder cover, pinch the bottom of the air nozzle with your hand and deflate it, then open the zipper.Easy  to operate and move.

l  This product has a good analgesic function. Inflatable splints can be used for fracture fixation or homeostasis. It can preventing further infection and edema and reduce the infection.It can be penetrated by X rays and is an ideal first-aid kit.

l  Packing size27*30*9CM    G.W.1.65KG

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