Cervical Collar YJK-18

Cervical Collar YJK-18


Open Size:57×18×2.4cm
Packing Size(20PCS):58.5×20×32cm
Adjustable height:10-14.5cm


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l  This product is also known as neck care, multi-functional neck care, neck retainer, neck fixing device.

l  The advanced design of the product structure is much better than national two - piece foam type.

l  Smooth design to ensure the strict requirements of outdoor sports for space.

l  Automatic molding and the appearance design which accords with ergonomics.

l  It’s fast and easy to use. It’s suitable for neck-hurt-patients during first-aid.It can reduce pain, loosening all muscles of neck,and relief the neck sprain.

l  Full high polymer design, 100% raw material molding, using raw materials of international big factory , such as TPC, BASF.

l  The whole material has no metal components. It is suitable for the patients to do X - ray, CT scan and MRI scan, and it is not necessary to take off the brace at the time of inspection.

l  High quality IXPE foam, soft and comfortable, through the ISO 10993 test of irritation, sensitization and external cell virulence.

l  It can form spinal fixation system with spine board together.

l  Packing size:58.5*20*32CM  G.W.:3.7KG/20PCS

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